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HRRD Facts 

     HRRD Radio has roots that date back to 1978 with CRMK, a local  station serving Milton Keynes in the UK.  The growth and success of   CRMK has lead to a full timetable leaving a demand for a younger,    trendier and more diverse environment for its listeners.  Enter in     HRRD Radio, CRMK's unofficial little brother.  Materialised by current presenters and past guests, HRRD is an online radio station with a focus on the DJs and music marketing promotion agencies for the music industry.

     We broadcast where you are and have ties to the UK, Trinidad and Canada.  We pride ourselves in being connected to new music and the creativity of producers. We adore HRRD tracks and are happy to promote producers, artists and DJ's in getting themselves heard whether signed or independent.  

     Tune into our shows and check out the wide variety of content available on our growing schedule.  We aim to grow with our staff and truly pay attention to our listeners to make this an informative, diverse and HRRD station for you.  


     Our Magazing (HRRD Copy) will be an open dialog to discuss new music, your edits, events, DJ tech and anything else industry related.  

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