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​Section 1.0  General Terms and Conditions.

  1. As a member I agree to pay an agreed induction fee to secure a timeslot on the schedule.

  2. I will commence my program as per the scheduled time and log in no more than 10 minutes before my programme’s scheduled start time. (Additional time may be granted with mutual consent of the hosts in question).

  3. I will successfully log out within 5 minutes of completing a broadcast. (Additional time may be granted with mutual consent of the host/hosts in question).

  4. I will abide by the programming ideals adopted by HRRD for on air and chat condition, (as outlined in the Members Agreement), which aim to breakdown prejudices on the grounds of race, nationality, ethnic background, sex, religion, sexual preference and mental/physical condition.

  5. I and my guest(s) will wear headphones if possible when the microphone is open to monitor the quality of sound levels for the listener.

  6. I understand that the musical tastes and opinions of members may be different from my own and I undertake to respect the rights of members to hold their own opinions.

  7. I understand that the opinions that I, or my guests, express on the show are not a representation of HRRD as a whole and I take on the responsibility for any listener complaints or legal action against my person.

  8. I agree not to knowingly play any music, or other recorded material with offensive language in accordance with HRRD’s policy on coarse language in broadcast material. (See also Station Policies)

  9. I agree to attend as many Training Sessions per annum, as is deemed necessary by HRRD, on Broadcasting Techniques and Standards, in order to keep me ‘current’ with Broadcasting, Policies, Practices, and Safety procedures.

  10. I will treat all station logins with respect and report any problems immediately to management.

  11. I will verify the quality of audio by using headphones for all music sources, even during broadcast, to ensure audio signals are not distorted.

  12. I agree to obtain the music played on-air through legal and approved sources at radio quality (128kbps or higher). This includes and is not limited to, remote streaming, Youtube and online music subscriptions. Breach of these terms resulting in external warnings will be taken up with the individual show/presenter and does not reflect on HRRD Radio.

  13. I will follow the procedures as dictated by HRRD to initiate and disconnect live broadcasts, and double check on-air status on a personal device before leaving my equipment.

  14. All subscription payments are final and missed shows due to absence, outages, technical issues and/or planned maintenance will not be refunded but repeat airings may be arranged at a mutually agreed time.

  15. Subscription fees are subject to review. An increase in fees, if required, will be described and 3 month’s notice given before any increase is to take effect.

  16. Members must maintain on-time and regular payment of subscription fees. Alternate arrangements require yearly fees paid for an annual period beginning on the current date up to and including December. No part payments are accepted.

  17. If a member is unable to attend his/her show, it is the member’s responsibility to ensure that a backup episode is in place on radiojar and to give 48 hours’ notice to management and 2 hours’ notice to the presenters either side of said show. It is good practice to alert your listeners of any changes to the scheduled broadcast. Cases of emergency are exempt from the 2 hour rule.       

The following situations are expected mandatory practice. Failure to comply is not acceptable and are considered to be serious breaches of this agreement. Individual   breaches will be reviewed by the board and repeat incidents can result in dismal.

  1. Using or allowing guests to use profane language or derogatory remarks concerning race, religion, gender, sexuality during ‘on-air or social media’ broadcast.

  2. Use of profane language or derogatory remarks concerning race, religion, gender, sexuality within the studio with guests, other hosts, children and or members of the public present.

  3. Airing a song, interview, or other recorded material containing profane language or derogatory remarks concerning race, religion, gender or sexuality.

  4. Airing descriptions of sex acts, vivid descriptions of crimes involving rape, mayhem, child abuse, assaults, or vivid descriptions of accidents involving serious injury or death.

  5. Repeat failure to show up for or being late for his/her allotted time slot without making arrangements or alerting the impacted members. 

  6. Repeat failure to complete his/her allotted time slot or not following back up arrangements.  

  7. Interfering with another member’s show; this includes encroaching with the next member’s time-slot, shared equipment, making noise while microphones are on and/or not logging out in a timely fashion.

  8. ‘On-air or Social media’ denigration of HRRD Radio members, management or programmes.

  9. ‘On-air or Social media’ complaints concerning operation or other members that bring the station into disrepute, other than reporting technical issues to management.

  10. ‘On-air or Social media’ comments condoning unlawful acts or comments that are likely to incite lawlessness, rioting or other acts that are detrimental to the community.

  11. ‘On-air or social media’ wilful lying or distortion of facts.

  12. Involvement in actions/activities deemed to be not in the best interests of HRRD Radio and its members.

  13. Unauthorised possession of any HRRD Radio material or equipment outside of the station’s on air presence. This includes the removal any property or digital content from HRRD Radio.

  14. It is the presenting member’s responsibility to be logged in at least 10 minutes prior to his/her show or notify the preceding on-air presenter at the station that he/she will be late. In these cases it is at the preceding presenters discretion to extend his/her broadcast to provide continuity between shows. Please note that if you are late the backup program or AutoDJ will take over and may restrict you from getting on-air, you may need to wait until the top of the hour to reconnect. Cases of emergency are exempted.

  15. The presenter must be familiar with the material that he/she plans to ‘air’, and must be fully conversant with the current HRRD Radio's document, regarding it’s policy on coarse language in broadcast material, use of equipment, contacts and processes.

Section 2.0  Data Protection


HRRD Radio is committed to protecting your privacy, conforming to the Data Protection legislation and treating any information in a confidential manner. This policy clarifies the basis on which any personal data from your application is collected and stored. No information is passed to any organisation for marketing purposes, or revealed to a third party, and any information we hold is removed from our records when it is no longer appropriate or required. All information regarding individuals using the studio facility is covered by the Data Protection Act. Members are likewise expected not to pass on any details or information to others.


“The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individual citizens of the European Union and the European Economic Area. It also addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas.”

Please note that Members must abide by these rules for any Personal Data that they may have access to relating to other Members, listeners and/or guests.  Listener Data, such as phone numbers and/or email addressed, must not be copied to personal devices for communication unless specific permission has been granted by an individual. The in-station social media pages shall be the only methods of contacting listeners unless they have expressly given their permission for contact. Please keep in mind that some of the listeners Members may correspond with may be children under the age of sixteen and/or vulnerable adults, therefore. protecting their identities is vital.


We may collect information for the following reasons:

  • Details required to become a member of  HRRD Radio

  • Application to participate with the radio station in any capacity

  • Contact details for emails and phone calls regarding station related content

  • Birthday postings in the quarterly newsletter


Records we hold on any individual are available to view, but they will be removed from our records within 6 months of a Member terminating their subscription. 

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